inside NFC PEN

It’s what’s inside that matters.

Connect analogue writing and advertising with the interactive world using NFC technology. With the integrated uma NFC TAGS, go beyond haptic advertising and transmit digital information. Perfect for contact details, BusinessCards, video messages, product or image films, website or social media pages, sales documentation such as product catalogues, etc.

How does NFC work?

Near Field Communication, or NFC, is an international communication standard for the wireless exchange of data over short distances. To transmit data via NFC, the smartphone or tablet is held near a pre-programmed NFC TAG that activates a specific application or function in the device, for example.
In the uma inside NFC PENs the NFC TAG is located directly under the inside NFC logo. This ensures a simple transfer of information to the smartphone or tablet. Connect analogue writing and advertising with the interactive world using uma inside NFC PENs.

Ideas for your
pre-programmed information:

  • Contact information as BusinessCard
  • Social media sites
  • Homepages or landing pages
  • Response tracking per landing page
  • Films and product videos
  • Sales documentation
  • (catalogues, brochures, flyers etc.)

  • Daily campaigns, menus, recipes
  • Campaigns and offers etc.

We recommend the following uma models for the NFC TAG

Fast and up-to-date – always at hand!
Get to your weather directly thanks to uma® inside NFC PEN!

With the inside NFC chip,
you can for instance link directly
to your website or present current
updates or changes.
You can also place your own ideas
on the NFC TAG upon request.
Make full use of the varied range
of options.

The uma® inside NFC PEN BusinessCard

The uma BusinessCard solution offers more than just electronic contact data transmission. Design your CI-compliant electronic business card and transmit your data quickly and easily
with the uma® inside NFC PENs.
The NFC BusinessCard Service gives you access to web-based data maintenance of your BusinessCard contact data and an individual design of your personal BusinessCard.

Your BusinessCard could look like this:

Transmit your contact data (photo, salutation, title, first name, last name, phone, e-mail, website, social media etc.)

Company logo, company address, UID number, Google map

Background images, background colours (also possible per section), font colours, on request additional fields also possible

The uma Inside NFC PENS are equipped with certified brand tags and technology from our cooperation partner SINNUP.

We would be happy to inform you in a personal meeting about the possibilities and costs of the uma® inside NFC PEN BusinessCard service.

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